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Site Features:

Price per Song 15¢
Minimum Topup $14.95
Album Discount 20%
Registration Bonus 30¢ free
Payment Methods Visa or MasterCard
Track Count 3,658,713
Bitrate 168-320kbps
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So what is MP3va?

MP3va is a website that brings you cheap mp3 songs to download, legally and safely on the web. The songs aren't old, out of date or anything you've not heard of, the site lists chart music, new releases as well as the older stuff for you to download. All 3,658,713 tracks listed on MP3va are DRM free, so you can do what you like with them. That also means the songs on the site will work with iTunes, MP3 Players, and anything else you have that plays mp3s.

What's the cost of music?

MP3va offers mp3 songs for just 15¢ each. This price applies to each and every song on the site, regardless of how long or how popular the track is. This is much cheaper than main-stream sites like iTunes, where the same song will cost you around 5 times more! Albums on the MP3va site are very cheap too. There is a 20% discount on album prices, so if you want more than one or two songs from an album, it can sometimes work out cheaper to buy the whole thing.

So why isn't this used by more people?

MP3va is very popular on the web and millions of people use the site everyday to download music. Most people have iPods, but do not realise that there is an alternative place to get music from other than iTunes. Using MP3va and iTunes together is easy, all you need to do is import the MP3va songs into your iTunes library and you're done. (click here for a more detailed guide of how to do this: iTunes Help Guide)

How is it different from iTunes?

MP3va is different from iTunes for loads of reasons:
  • You only download the songs you want, not software or a program as well (like iTunes) saving space on your PC.
  • You can save tracks anywhere you like on your PC, not where iTunes tells you to,so you can do what you want with them.
  • You pay an amount to your account to start with, not per track, so you can just buy mp3s until your account runs out. You then top up more if and when you want to.
  • Because it's a website, you can download music anywhere you are. You do not need to be on your own PC with your own iTunes account. All music you download is saved onto your online area, so you can download them onto any PC anytime you want.
  • All songs are DRM free and always will be! iTunes may have just removed all the DRM from their songs, but the prices have shot up to compensate, not what we want to see!

So what's the catch?

The only catch is the amount of cash you need to put on to start with. The site has a minimum top up amount, which is $14.95, this doesn't expire either, it stays on your account until you use it up. This amount seems like an awful lot of cash if you just want a few songs or an album, but if you're looking to use this in the long term or will want music in the future, it is definitely a good choice. Your account won't expire neither will your cash, so it can stay there until you want to use it. The minimum top up amount is enough for 99 songs from MP3va, so the $14.95 should last you quite a while! You can pay on the site using Visa or MasterCard and it is very safe to do so.

Freebies, Bonuses & Offers

MP3va love freebies like the rest of us, which is why they offer you up free credit when top up your account. The minimum $14.95 applies each time you want to top up your account, but if you're willing to top up a little more, MP3va have some very good deals. Here's what can you get from them:

Top up $30 and get $10 for free or top up $50 and get $35 for free.

Can I get an account?

Registering with MP3va is free to do and once you've confirmed your email address, they give you 30¢ free credit to use on the site. This may not sound like a lot, but it's enough to download two mp3 songs so you can try out the site and see if you like the way it works. You can go the site to sign up, or you can Register with MP3va here.

Is MP3va legal?

MP3va is legal to use and download, as long as you use them for private listening and do not distribute or sell the music you download. You can read MP3va's Legal Info on their site for more details.

Make money with MP3va

You can earn money from a link to MP3va on your blog or website, click here for more details about this: MP3 Affiliate Programs