Site Update

MP3va have updated their site today with a new design and loads more music.

The site has had a huge number of tracks added, bringing the track count of the website to well over 3.6 million tracks!

The new design is great too. It makes the site much easier to use and makes browsing a better experience all round.

Over all, we love it. The site is really started to improve lately, it won't be long before it's one of the biggest on the web!

St. Patricks Day Offer

MP3va are reducing the price of their tracks for the St. Patricks Day festival from 15¢ to just 10¢ each. This offer is valid from the 16th March until the 18th March. After this time, prices will go back to 15¢, so make the most of it while you can! Head over to MP3va now.


Spring Price Reduction

imageMP3va are reducing mp3 track prices across their site for this weekend from 15¢ to just 10¢ each.

This offer is only on for this weekend, so make sure you've downloaded as much music as you can by the 7th, before prices go back up to 15¢ each.

Thanksgiving Offer

MP3va are offering songs for 5¢ less than usual during this thanksgiving break. You can get all songs on the site for just 10¢ each. This special offer is running from the 27th November until the 30th November, so get it while you can!

Head over to MP3va now to check this great deal out! image

MP3va & Thanksgiving

MP3va are always keeping in with the seasons spirits, and Thanksgiving is no exception.

They have changed their happy sunshine logo for a groovy, music-listening Turkey!

Nice one guys, it's good to see they are keeping up with the festivities of the year! Keep your eyes peeled for a Thanksgiving offer too, as this should follow closely behind the logo update.