MP3va, iPods & iTunes

ipod4 iPods are everywhere these days, with millions of people having one and million wanting one. However, the iPod may be in demand, but the price of iTunes still continues to be very high compared to other sites on the web. MP3va offer tracks for 15¢ each; iTunes costs 99¢ per track. So you can see there is a big saving to be made here. However, the advantage of iTunes is the ease of which you can add music to your iPod. But adding music from MP3va to your iPod isn't as difficult as you might think. This guide covers two things; getting the the music from MP3va to your pc and getting the music from your pc to your iPod. Downloading from MP3va

Downloading music from MP3va is very simple; once you're registered and have some money on your account, you just need to start browsing for some music you want to download.
  1. mp3valogo Find an album, or track, you want to download.
  2. Tick the check box next track you want, of if you want the whole album, check the box at the bottom.
  3. Once the tracks or album you want are checked, click 'Buy Now' or 'Add To Cart' if you want to keep shopping.
  4. The track you bought will be sent to your 'Downloads' section. You can get to this at the very top of the site.
  5. The 'Downloads' section contains all the music you have purchased from MP3va. You now need to download the tracks to your PC so you can use them.
  6. Find the music you want to download. If you want to download tracks, select the individual ones, or select the album if you want the whole thing.
  7. Click 'Download Selected In Zip'. You will be asked if you want to 'open' or 'save' the file. You want to 'save' the file.
  8. If you want the music to go to your iTunes library, the best place to save the file is the iTunes folder, which is inside your 'My Music' folder.
  9. Navigate to this, if you're using the latest version of iTunes, inside the iTunes folder will be another, 'iTunes Media'.
  10. Inside there will be yet another folder called 'Automatically Add to iTunes'.
  11. Save all your MP3va music here and iTunes will do the rest. It will add any music to your iTunes library that you put into that folder.
Hopefully that will help some of you out, if not, please feel free to contact me and I will help as best I can. Once you have the music in your iTunes library, you can put it on your iPod. To get the music to your iPod, plug it in to your pc and you can then drag the songs across to it, ready for you to take with you anywhere you go. If anyone has anything to add to this, please comment below and I will publish it.

MP3va's Top Up Offer

For today only, you can get up to $120.00 free from MP3va when you top up your account with them.

This offer is only valid today, so get it while you can.

Here's exactly what you can get:

Top up $30.00 and MP3va will give you $15.00, making your balance $45.00

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New albums & tracks added

image MP3va have updated their website to include loads of new albums and tracks for you to download cheaply, legally and safely.

The site is always adding new albums and increasing it's music archive to include both new and old music.

To see all the new additions, go to MP3va and check out the homepage. Remember, all tracks are just 15¢ each on the site, so you can bag yourself some new music very cheaply.

Get up to $120 FREE

MP3va have got a very good offer running for today only.

You can get up to $120 free from them when you top up your online account. The minimum of $15 applies anyway, but if you top up more, you can get a bit extra.

The amount of credit you get for free depends, of course, on how much you top up:
  • Top up $30.00 to get $15 free
  • Top up $50.00 to get $50 free
  • Top up $100.00 to get $120 free


Site Back-Up

The title of this post says it all really, MP3va are back up and running so you can get your music again.