Get songs for $0.07 each

MP3va have a minimum top up amount of $14.95. However, if you're willing to top up a little extra, they will give you a little extra.

Topping up $30.00 will get you $15.00 added to your account, giving you a balance of $45.00. With songs at 15¢ each, this is enough for 300 songs! But because you've only paid $30.00, the extra credit given to means that you are only paying 10¢ a song! Very cheap if you look at it like that. Topping up $50.00 will get you $50.00 added to your account, giving you a balance of $100.00. This works out to be enough for 666 songs. And those songs work out to be a song.

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Can I use my iPod with MP3va?

A question that gets asked so often. And the answer is yes! You can. Great news!

If you've read the welcome text to this blog, you will know that the songs you download from MP3va will work with iTunes, which means your iPod too. And your iPhone. And iTouch. And iAnything really! All you do is download the songs from MP3va then import them into your iTunes library. They are then just the same as anything track in your iTunes, you can use them in exactly the same way. (Click here for a iTunes Help Guide).

Register with MP3va for 2 FREE SONGS

Registering with MP3va is a very simple, quick process. They don't ask a load of personal details, nor do they want to know pointless information like if you like cheese, or how many cats have you got. MP3va will give you 30¢ free credit after registration.

This is enough for two songs so you can try out their service to see if you like it and are happy with it. If you decide you don't want to use them, it isn't a problem. There is no obligation to put cash onto your account if you don't want to. Of course, if you want some cheap music, topping up your account is the way to do it though!

Head over to MP3va not get your free trial songs and see if you like them. Any problems, comments or suggestions? I'd love to hear them, so please feel free to comment.

Get yourself a good deal

MP3va are a great site for cheap mp3 downloads, but they can offer you a lot more than that. If you top up the minimum payment of $14.95, you can get 99 songs with it.

However, if you top up a bit more, they give you free credit, which means you can get more songs for your money: Top up $29.95 and they give you $15.00, making your account total $44.95, which gets you 299 songs. Quite a bit more for your money! Top up $49.95 and they give you more than 100% back, with a $50.00 bonus. That means you will have enough in your account for 666 songs. Great news!

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Eurovision Winner - Alex Rybak

Get the songs from the inspiration Alex Rybak from MP3va now for just $1.20. The album has 10 tracks on, so it's a bargain as always with this site!

Roll with the wind



Kiss and tell

Funny little world

If you were gone


13 Horses

Song from a secret garden

500 miles

Click here for the album: Alex Rybak - Fairytales