Can I download my mp3s again and again?

If you've ever had a pc crash on you and lost all your files, you'll know the importance of making back ups. But back ups take time and hardly anyone does them, even if they know what a pain it is to lose everything.

Well, MP3va can help. They can't help you out with losing your browser bookmarks or word documents, but they can help you with your mp3s. Any music bought though MP3va can be re-downloaded anytime you like, completely free of charge. It is yours after all, you paid for it, why should you pay again?!

All you need to do if you want to download a file you already have previously, is log into your MP3va area, and go to the 'Downloads' section of the menu. In there you will see a big list of all the songs you have ever downloaded from MP3va. Just click download again and the song will start downloading to your pc. Job done! So you need never loose all your music again. Nor do you ever need to bother backing it up again! Great news yet again from MP3va.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Soundtrack

MP3va are offering the soundtrack for the new movie: 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' for just $1.68. The album has 14 tracks:

1. Logan Through Time

2. Special Privileges

3. Lagos, Nigeria

4. Wade Goes to Work

5. Kayla

6. Victor Visits

7. Adamantium

8. Agent Zero Comes for Logan

9. Logan Meets Gambit

10. To the Islands

11. Deadpool

12. The Towers Collapse

13. Memories Lost

14. "...I'll Find My Own Way"

Check out MP3va now for this album and loads more great soundtracks.

Quality of songs from MP3va

MP3va offers mp3s that range from 128 kbps -320 kbps in quality.

So what does this mean? Kbps is 'Kilobits Per Second'. 192 kbps is CD quality. 320 kbps is the highest quality an mp3 can be. Anything below 192 kbps is considered poor quality. So, when you are buying from MP3va, it is worth checking the quality of the songs before you download them. Most of the time, they are ok, but sometimes you will get a bad quality track, so it is worth checking.

Generally, MP3va offer 192 and above. Only a handful of albums on the site are lower than this.

Download Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts for $1.32

MP3va are offering the new Noisettes album for just $1.32! The albums was released this year and has eleven great tracks on it.

The price includes a 10% discount compared to buying all eleven tracks separately. The same is true for all albums on the MP3va site. The album includes the hits 'Wild Young Hearts' and the second single from the new album: 'Don't Upset The Rhythm'.

Go to MP3va now to download this album for just $1.32

Payment Method Change

MP3va are no longer offering PayPal to users to top up their account with. You can still use Visa and MasterCard though, so you can still get great cheap mp3s from a great site.

We're not sure why they have removed this feature, but they are always updating and improving their site, so we're sure they have big plans in place! If you are uncomfortable about paying online with credit cards, MP3va's customer service is amazing. They will reply to emails almost instantly. All you need to do is log in, go to 'mailbox' and send an email to them through there.