Easter Offer

MP3va are giving you guys a little extra something over the easer period, they are reducing the price of all their mp3s on the site from 15¢ to just 10¢ each.

This means you can get loads more cheap mp3 songs than before! This offer is only running from 17th April to the 19th April, so download as many mp3s as you can handle in that time before the sun sets on the 19th and the world returns to normal. Head over to MP3va now for this offer!

Try MP3va out for FREE

MP3va give you 30¢ free credit once you have registered with them. This is just enough credit to get 2 free songs from the site (all tracks on MP3va are 15¢ each).

This gives you a good opportunity to search the MP3va site and see if they have the cheap mp3s you want, the type of music you like, as well as a good chance to browse through what they have to offer. You can then buy the track with your 30¢ credit as you would after top-up, this is a good test of what MP3va is like to use, how easy it is, if it's going to drive you nuts, etc! Take a look for yourself, or register with MP3va here!

New Releases!

The new album from 'The Fray' is now available on MP3va for just $1.20!

They have also added the new 'U2' album for just $1.32 are both now available to download from MP3va now! These prices on cheap mp3s include a 20% discount so you know you're getting a good deal from these guys!

MP3va's Spring Offer

MP3va have some pretty impressive offers on their cheap mp3s, so it's rare that they offer something extra, but this spring, they do have an offer running for a few days as a little extra for their customers...

All songs are 10¢, but this is only for a few days, so get over to MP3va while you can and grab this deal

MP3va Offering PayPal

PayPalMP3va offer PayPal as a sign up method which is something only a handful of other companies offer.

After sign up with MP3va, you will receive 2 FREE tracks to chose and download so that you can use try out their service and see if you like them and their selection of music. Head over there now to take advantage of this offer!

Visit MP3va here.